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Hokkaido Mizunara Barrel

Hokkaido Mizunara Barrel

Experience the excellence of our sake barrel crafted from the rare Hokkaido Mizunara oak. Sought after for its uniqueness, this barrel is prominently featured in high-end Japanese whiskies, earning popularity overseas for its distinctive aroma.  We exclusively source Mizunara oak from Hokkaido, renowned for its unparalleled quality, and employ advanced technology to ensure the creation of the finest sake barrels. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our assembly process, where no adhesives are used, and only barrels that pass rigorous airtight inspections make it to shipment.  The heavy charring technique employed imparts a rich smoky flavor and an intense sweet scent of vanilla and honey-like, enhancing the overall sensory experience of our Hokkaido Mizunara Barrel.
Japanese Oak Barrels from Hokkaido (New Barrels) These are barrels made from the rare Mizunara(Japanese oak) wood native to Hokkaido. The Quercus crispula Barrels are used in the production of high-quality Japanese whiskey and are known for their unique aroma, which is also popular internationally. Using the highest quality Hokkaido MIZUNARA, these barrels are crafted into top-of-the-line whiskey barrels using exceptional craftsmanship.

Our barrels are assembled without the use of any adhesives, and only those that pass rigorous airtightness inspections meeting strict standards are shipped.
Employing heavy charring, it adopts a process that brings out a smoky flavor through smoking, enhancing the barrel with a rich, sweet fragrance reminiscent of vanilla and honey.
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Before pouring sake into a new barrel, follow these steps:

•Fill the new barrel with approximately 50L of hot water at around 80 degrees Celsius.

•Shake the barrel to rapidly expand the barrel plate.

•Drain the hot water and refill the barrel with water. Some water leakage may occur,which is normal.

•Allow the barrel to soak in water for 48 hours. During this period, the barrel board will expand sufficiently to prevent further water leakage.

•Complete the preparation by draining the water, positioning the barrel's inlet downward, and allowing the interior to air dry.

Once dry, the barrel is ready for various types of alcoholic beverages

If cleaning the inside of a used barrel is necessary:

•Avoid using cleaning agents.

•Pour distilled liquor with a strength of 50 degrees or higher into the barrel.

•Let it soak for about a week.

•Do not leave the barrel empty after filling it with alcohol.

•If you won't be consuming alcohol for an extended period, fill the barrel with water and store it in a cool place.

•Avoid exposing the barrel to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

These steps ensure the optimal use, cleaning, and maintenance of your Mizunara oak barrel, preserving its quality for an enhanced drinking experience.