What is Mizunara Oak?

Mizunara, botanically known as Quercus crispula, is a species of oak indigenous to various regions in Japan, including Hokkaido.


Known for its slow growth and robust wood, Mizunara is highly prized for furniture and construction materials due to its exquisite grain with fine annual rings, culminating in a refined finish.

Notably, its distinctive aroma has made it a preferred material for aging spirits for centuries.

Mizunara, nurtured by Japan's harsh climate and rich soil, embodies the blessings of nature and is cherished for its unique appeal.

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Characteristics of Mizunara Barrels

Mizunara barrels from Hokkaido are frequently chosen for Japanese whiskey maturation due to their unique essence, resulting in heightened global demand and increased rarity. 

The aging process in these barrels imparts complex aromas like vanilla, spices, and occasional hints of coconut, along with notes of "kyara" and "sandalwood," evoking a rich fragrance akin to the lush Hokkaido forests.

The utilization of heavy charring in Mizunara barrel production enhances the smoky essence and intricate, dense, sweet aroma of the charred material.

Crafting Mizunara barrels demands exceptional skill due to the wood's challenging nature, yet those from Hokkaido's forests are meticulously fabricated without adhesive usage, with only airtight-approved barrels being distributed.

Experience the essence of Hokkaido's nature with these exceptional Mizunara barrels, encapsulating the region's natural blessings and unique allure.

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